Vertical Farming Study    2016

The Vertical Farming Study was a research initiative exploring the possibilities of how new agriculture technology and vertical farming may disrupt food systems and help create a more sustainable world. This project was a joint effort of myself and Sierra Clark, with advising support from Dawn King and the Department of Environmental Science at Brown University. Through this initiative, Sierra and I conducted research, made site visits, facilitated a 4-part presentation series, and produced and informational guidebook on vertical farming.


Lunch & Learn Talks

In the first three presentations, Sierra and I hosted a series of “Lunch and Learn” talks open to students and the public on the following topics:
  • What is vertical farming?
  • How does vertical farming address food insecurity?
  • How is a vertical farm built?

The Future of Food Panel
For our final presentation, Sierra and I facilitated a panel event focused on innovations in food systems and vertical farming technology featuring industry experts Dickson Despommier, author of Vertical Farm: Feeding the World in the 21st Century, and David Perry, CEO of Indigo Agriculture.

The final product was an informational guidebook based building off our research, interviews, site visits, and feedback throughout the study.

TEAM: Melissa Isidor, Sierra Clark
ADVISOR: Dawn King

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