Questions of Community   2019

“Questions of Community” is inspired from a survey of Black womxn in Roxbury asking, “What is one question you would pose to the community?” The piece showcases all 77 answers received which capture both the successes and challenges faced within the community. The words overlay the mural, “Africa is the Beginning,” from the Roxbury YMCA, a piece that serves to honor Pan-African heritage and inspire community mobilization. The interplay of elements seeks to connect historical radical action towards addressing the questions raised in the community today. This work seeks to empower the notion that the community holds its own power to foster spaces of liberation.

*This piece was inspired/developed out of the research initiative “A Voice at the Table

MEDIUM: brushed aluminum digital print

Dimensions: 12” x 24”

Year: 2019

VENUE: Word Art Exhibition at Spaceus; Boston, MA

©2023 Mel Isidor