Groundswell    2016
Sasaki Summer Internship Charrette

The 2016 Sasaki Intern Charrette explored the future of play through research, site visits, design, and play itself. Through a collaborative effort, our intern team developed a vision to reactivate a portion of the Charles River park in Watertown with Groundswell, a series of interventions including an inventive playscape that promotes adventurous, intergenerational, and accessible play. The final result was a full-scale prototype design, firm-wide presentation, and print booklet.


MY CONTRIBUTIONS: Design process - graphic design, research, interviewing, writing, and branding strategy; Post-presentation - complete booklet layout and design using graphics, maps, and other materials produced by the group.

TEAM: Rachel Belanger, Alexandra Donovan, Neal Dos Santos, Jia Qi Lisa He, Melissa Isidor, Ben Jacobs, Tom Klein, Ruichao Li, Mengxuan Liu, Helen Oyinlola, Steven Peterson, Sihui Ren, Kira Sargent, Jianwei Shi, Kara Slocum, Penny Snyder

Sasaki Interns Tour Boston Playscapes (written by myself)
Interns Present Playscape Design
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